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Jason Ortiz

Jason has been with Hogan Thompson & Associates CPA since February 2021.  Jason came from a background in logistics and transportation.  He has 15 years’ experience in management, with 10 years as an office manager overseeing a staff of 12 and a workforce of 100 contractors.  Jason’s specialty is process creation and workflow efficiency.  He also has a strong skillset in customer service, leadership, team building and recruiting.


Some of Jason’s prior work accomplishments include being the 2019 CMCA Safety Council Chairman, 2006 Greatwide Logistics Top Gun 1st place score and top 5 finalists, and Six Sigma efficiency certification.

Jason is most proud of his amazing wife, son and home life.  He enjoys spending time with his family and their two dogs.  He likes a good story, a good movie, and good food and drink.  He occasionally dabbles in metalworking, woodcraft, and leathercraft.

303-481-0039 -fax

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